Who We Are

We are: RATIONAL, TECH EXPERT and YOUR TRUSTED PARTNER! We strive to become your Long-term solution partner where you can rely on us for your IT talent needs.

With the idea of serving clients, we have been able to make our success story for five years. We ourselves are Tech Experts and have started to grow and expand it rationally in the USA. We – being Trusted Partner – have created the 3 win-win situation among Businesses, Individuals and Ourselves. We are better decision makers and select the right person in the right time and provide you with the TALENTS as you need, which satisfies us, too.

We have Tech Experts in diverse sectors in huge portion in our database. Firstly, we do conduct the Expert identification process step by step. Then prepare or filter the truly knowledgeable person. And ultimately, we match the Talents with your business. Rational Techpal focuses everything on the Clients and supply our diverse range of Talents to them based on Talents and Opportunities.

Are we Rational? Yes,

Are we Tech Experts? Yes,

Can we be the Trusted Partner? Definitely,